Snoop Dogg Bringing Out Dog Food With A Twist

snoop dogg3

Snoop Lion dropped in on the late night talk show “Chelsea Lately” recently. On the show, Snoop announced that he’s breaking into a  new business geared towards dogs but has a little twist. His  new venture is called Dog For Dog, and here’s the twist,  it’s a dog food that can be eaten by both dogs and humans beings.

Dog For Dog will send out a bag to an animal shelter in need of food, after every official purchase.

“It’s a great cause see because what people don’t understand is that a lot of these shelters, they execute these dogs not because they don’t have a place or someone that wants to adopt them, it’s more about they don’t have food to feed them.” Snoop said.

The date of the official availability of the dog food is uncertain.

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