Shop Boyz: Party Like a Rockstar Making People Bop In The Club..

Shop Boyz

Jim Jones, Lil’ Jon and Lil Wayne may have ushered in the rock vibe into hip-hop Shop Boyzlately, but the Shop Boyz have taken it to new heights.

The Atlanta trio’s hit “Party Like a Rockstar” has been making people lose it in the club. And now the group plans to take it even higher with a pair of remixes for the track that they have on deck. “The official remix is coming,” group member Fat said. “All the other remixes out there are just mixes, they not real. Look out for Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, we got a verse from Juelz Santana, Young Jeezy, T-Pain — that’s going to be the official remix.”

And following that one, they said they’ve got a wish-list of actual rock stars — including Kid Rock and Travis Barker — that the group is trying to get to out-rock the original.

The fellas admitted they aren’t the biggest rock fans, as far as the groups and music go, but they like the vibe and ran with it. “It’s like a lifestyle, a religion, just living free,” the Boyz’s Sheed said. “It’s just not being scared to do nothing, don’t hold back, jump around, act stupid.”

The Boyz said their next single, “Flexin‘,” is less rock-like, but by the time their third single comes around, look for the guitar licks to come back and get the crowd to lose it again, they said. “I seen somebody skydive from the left side of the club when our music comes on,” Shop boy Meany said.

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