Shawty Lo: Its Good To Be Him Now, But Its Also Bad To Be Him Now..

Shawty Lo: Its Good To Be Him Now, But Its Also Bad To Be Him Now..

It’s good to be Shawty Lo right now, but it’s also bad to be him right now, too. The Shawty Lo (D4L)Bankhead, Georgia, rapper has the biggest record in the A at the moment with his horn-stuttering “Dey Know,” however. The downside to all the love is that his voice sounds rougher than DMX eating rocks. Shawty had a show in Georgia the night before talking to us, and it was hard figuring out what he was saying at times.

“It went great,” Shawty Lo said, in a crackling voice. “It was a club joint, about an hour away from Atlanta.”

Funny thing is, according to Shawty, he wasn’t even supposed to be making rap-star moves. He wanted to be more like Baby from Cash Money before he became the Birdman and started rapping. But flossers floss, and after folks kept saying he looked the part of a rapper, he decided to try it out. He founded D4L, and five years ago set up his studio, which birthed the foursome’s track “Betcha Can’t Do It Like Me.”

Before the group could get things in motion, though, Shawty went away for a short stint on a drug charge, and “Laffy Taffy” took off while he was in jail.

“At first I was like, ‘Nah, that ain’t it,’ ” he said of the track when he heard it over the phone in prison. “But three months later, I got out and people went crazy over the song in the club. So that wasn’t our style, but that got us the check.”

Shawty then started tinkering around in the studio, making tracks on his own, and ended up recording “I’m the Man,” his first street hit. He thought it was just luck, but after hearing people say D4L was nothing without Fabo, Shawty kept at it and eventually broke out with “Dey Know.”

“I ain’t been rapping but two years,” Shawty said. “I don’t really think of myself as a rapper, I just be telling my life. I’m a finesse-r. I got a slow flow, that’s my style.”

It was enough for Asylum to sign him to a solo deal. And now he’s gearing up to drop his debut, Units in the City,, which is set to be released January 15 and, so far, feature collbos with his crew and Gucci Mane. His all-star remix of “Dey Know” is starting to heat up too. It’s just more reason Shawty made the right choice, he said.

“I got bonds with most of them on the song,” he said. “Young Jeezy and Plies is my homeboys, Ludacris is my people, man. It just happened, it came together. Lil’ Wayne, he was on my ‘I’m the Man’ remix. They know it’s my time, so they stepping in like, ‘Let’s show the world this is that guy.’ ”

Source: Mixtape M.

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