Saigon Wants To Punch Rick Ross; Gunplay Dares Him to Do It


New York rapper Saigon went on Power 105.1 and stated in an interview that he wanted to punch a few artists because of their messages to children. One of those artists he said he’d swing on if given the chance is the Red Bottom Boss, Rick Ross.

Saigon ranted, “I would want to punch everybody – Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, everybody who’s [making] detrimental music for children, man. These companies market the music to children, and y’all know that. If you’re going to do that [kind of music]…you know when you go in a movie store, the porno section had its own little section? Do that for this music because this is marketed to children and we know that…I’ve got kids, man. I’m not trying to have to battle with my own kid because she’s influenced by [these artists]. I did ‘106 & Park’ the other day, and I was so sad to see these little young girls spitting the lyrics and some of the stuff that was coming out their mouths and they’re 13 or 14, and they’re talking sucking dick and doing all this. I’m like, ‘God damn, yo, who’s responsible for all this?”

Gunplay, however, feels like Saigon can try if he wants to. He had an interview with Hip-Hop Wired and responded to Saigon’s interview. “I got a son too, Ross got a daughter, Ross got a son. I dare you to do that shit. To each his own, if that’s how he feel… try to punch him in the face. You saying this [but] you’re tryna punch somebody in the face? I’m sayin’, what’s wrong with dog? I don’t know what’s up with that shit. I’ma say ‘I smoke crack,’ and I’ma say ‘I shoot heroin,’ and what’s up? Why you goin’ in on Ross? Go in on everybody else. You just singling out two people ‘cuz they the hottest niggas in the game right now. Why you singling them out? Everybody has kids, what makes yours so special?”

Whose side are you on?

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