Saigon & Just Blaze: Finally Clears Sample And Right Back To Business..


Even though Saigon and Just Blaze have been trading barbs in blogs and interviews lately over a sample-clearing issue for Sai’s first single, it looks like the two have finally Saigonmoved on to other arguments, that is. Just posted on his Web site Thursday that the sample finally cleared, and according to Saigon, that means the duo’s back to business as usual. But this time, the pair will keep their harsh words a bit more private.

“It’s funny, ’cause we didn’t speak or talk to each other through all of that dispute,” Saigon explained. “And we finally went into the studio last Wednesday, and right away we started arguing again about something else. Right off the bat, about something totally different that didn’t have nothing to do with the clearance issue! That’s something that we do all the time, it just got out there a little bit. There’s a lot of respect there at the end of the day. And I wasn’t gonna disrespect him and he wasn’t going to disrespect me. Like I said, we cool, we’re friends. Just is my friend first.

“Actually, at first I thought I f*cked up,” Sai continued. “I was like, ‘Damn, man. Maybe I f*cked up [going public], when it became a media melee and all that. Then I realized it got people talking again, it got people interested in the music again. So it really worked out for the best, ’cause the sample got cleared and now it’s on people’s radar again the Saigon & Just Blaze connection and the album coming out. If that wouldn’t have happened, people would be talking about something else. It kinda worked out. I’m glad it happened.”

When Sai finally got word of the clearance, he said he called it a “Thank-God moment.” He’s still not sure if his and Just’s spat sparked a rush on it or if it was a coincidence, but either way he’s glad to be able to move forward with his Greatest Story Never Told LP once again. The infamous track that caused all the Internet fodder is still untitled at this point, but Saigon did tell us it’s produced by Just and features the producer and Swizz Beatz on the track’s hook. Saigon said the song fits into his master plan for the LP.

“We can’t wait no more, so that’s the one,” he said. “We’ll put that out and hopefully it’s gonna do well. Nobody is expecting it to be the #1 song in the country, but it’ll get us to second base. Then we got the second one that will bring us all the way home.” …

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