Rick Ross’ Mastermind Album Will Have A Soulful Vibe

Rick Ross 2

 At the moment, Rick Ross is  putting together his sixth solo project, and the Maybach Music Group leader revealed to MTV News that his Mastermind LP will definitely showcase some soulful songs.

“I love making those kind of records, those ‘Cigar Music’ records, those ‘Amsterdam’ records, and that was most definitely the energy,” said Ross.

The Miami rapper is talking about  Bink! the produced bonus track on his third album Deeper Than Rap and the song from 2012?s God Forgives, I Don’tproduced by Cardiak.

All of Ross’ albums have featured songs that bring back the sound of the 1970’s.Port of Miami’s “Pots and Pans,” Trilla’s “Maybach Music,” and Teflon Don‘s “Tears of Joy” show Ross’ love for that soulful sound.

Even though the Curtis Mayfield-inspired vibe appears to be the area the new project is heading towards, Ross says he is still leaving doors open to explore other areas as well.

“I record so much material. We gotta wait and see,” said Ross.

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