Rick Ross’ Lyrics Spark Protest At A NYC Reebok Store

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Rick Ross has recently been taking a lot of heat for the song “You Ain’t Even Know It” lyrics that many believe implies date rape. Now, though the rapper issued an apology via Twitter on Thursday, one activist organization feels the rapper’s words do not make full atonement, and is pushing that he endure more serious consequences.

Following the release of his tweet, the women’s rights group UltraViolet came together and rallied outside the Reebok flagship store in New York City demanding the sneaker company drop Ross as spokesperson.

“It’s time for Reebok to stop using their brand as a platform to dictate to women what counts as rape. Contrary to Ross’ claims, there was no misinterpretation here: Slipping a woman a drug and ‘enjoying that’ is rape, plain and simple,” says a statement on the company’s website by co-founder Nita Chaudhary. “It’s time for them to answer the 72,000 former customers who want them to stop promoting violence against women and fire Rick Ross.”

The organization has put together a petition and has collected more than 70,000 signatures from supporters who feel and agree Ross should be dropped from Reebok.

“It’s unacceptable that Reebok, one of the oldest brands in athletics, would stand behind someone who so openly condones rape. Companies like Reebok have a responsibility to the public,” says another statement issued on a press release by Sonia Ossorio, President of NOW NYC – an organization supportive of UltraViolet’s mission.

“Propping up someone who rants about rape and paying that person millions of dollars is about as irresponsible as it gets. The Reebok board of directors should take immediate action,” she added.

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