Rick Ross Hires 24/7 Armed Security After Shooting

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Being a Boss, you should have security detail always. Rick Ross learned this the difficult way when he was the victim of an attempted drive-by shooting. Ross and his girlfriend were travelling solo that day but now the rapper has hired a 24 hour security guard.

TMZ reports:

“Ross — aka Ricky Rozay — was already using armed bodyguards for protection at major events like concerts and public appearances … but now he’s decided he wants a full-time security detail.
Ross was targeted in a drive-by shooting in Florida early Monday morning … when a car pulled up next to his Rolls-Royce and opened fire. Ross lost control of the vehicle during the incident and crashed into an apartment building.

Sources close to Ross tell TMZ … the rapper had been getting threats for a while … but he wasn’t too concerned. But we’re told Ross considers the shooting to be an “eye-opener” and will do whatever it takes to keep himself safe.”

The shooting is what opened his eyes?

This is where we bring up the public threats Ross received late last year from a North Carolina chapter of the Gangster Disciples, who felt a certain way about the rapper using a Star of David symbol they associate with on his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape. Ross terminated a Charlotte tour date, but he said it was due to a doubtful promoter, not the threats. However, soon after he was on a Miami radio talking a big game about him being good in any hood he goes to.

Fort Lauderdale, and the gunman who shot at his Rolls-Royce, would oppose his remark. When the bulk of your music is about flossing your diamonds, how much your cars are and how much money you have in the bank, best believe the jealous are going to want to put your gangsta to the test, rob you or even worse.

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