Remy Ma Speaks On Females In Hip Hop & Artist She Wants To Work With


During  part her first post prison interview with Funkmaster Flex, Remy spoke spoke  generally and specifically about females in Hip Hop and artists she would like to make music with.

“What I think happens with females in this game, they tend to allow other people to pit us against each other,” she said. “I’ve said this before. They make it seem like there can only be one female. It can be a thousand guys that’s putting out music and rapping and doing what they do, but when it comes to females in this Hip Hop business, they make it seem like it can only be one, and if there’s more than one then ‘Alright, y’all better be at each other’s throats every chance that you get.’ And any time you say one of those things, they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, she has to be talking about this person when she said that.’ And I just feel like it got really crazy, to the point where I wouldn’t tolerate it. Me personally. Some people they’re easily led astray.”

She went on to detail the suport she received from female emcees during her time away and even noted Nicki Minaj’s words of support.

“Even when you get to people like Nicki, throughout my entire bid, numerous times I’ve seen interviews she’s done where she like, ‘Free Remy’ or ‘tell Rem holla at me.’” she said. “So, I could definitely say on my behalf, I haven’t gotten any shade from any of them. Old school, new school, nothing.”

Before getting off the phone, Remy gave a short list of rappers she hopes to work with soon.

“I’m so mad because I really had my heart set on Meek…Meek, Ross, who else is out there?” she said. “I think that it would be dope if we could really get an ill chic record. With everybody who’s doing what they do. I mean, me, maybe Iggy Azalea, Nicki. Just do like a nice little collab…Azalea Banks reached out to me. I’m actually waiting, she wants me to do a record with her…I’m gonna do what I do regardless. I don’t have a problem with it. There’s enough room for everybody.”

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