Fat Joe Talks Situation With Remy Ma And Why Off Terror Squad


“That’s it,” he said of the Squad’s latest lineup. “That’s the crew. Remy Ma, obviously, she’s not down no more. The problem with her is we’re hot. She don’t wanna be down. Everything is a grind. I worked my whole career. I never woke up and was platinum. We all paid dues, we all grind. She figured it would be overnight success. She chose to go her way; we been killing them every since.

She might have put the battery in our back to go on this run. As far as Armageddon and Prospect, Armageddon is always gonna be my brother for life. He’s a cool dude. But I haven’t been with them for a year and half.

I still haven’t heard an Armageddon mixtape or Prospect mixtape. Their work ethic is they don’t want it. They good n—as, I’m not trying to sh*t on them, they good dudes, but for so many years, they don’t wanna work or make music. I had to let them go.”

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