Raekwon: Says He’s Still Supporting The Wu-Tang, But They Could Have Been Stronger..


“I’m supporting it,” he said backstage at the recent J.A.M. Awards, which took place at RaekwonNew York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. “Go get it. I’m on it. I laid down the dressing on that. But like I said, it could’ve been stronger! I know the capabilities that we all have when we all sit in the room together. And then, at the end of the day, it was leaning towards RZA‘s world. I told RZA, ‘This is a Wu-Tang Clan album. This ain’t RZA‘s album.’ If we say, ‘We need this to proceed,’ respect what we need to proceed.

“You dealing with a whole crew collectively, and our collective thoughts,” Rae added. “You gotta keep that a part of the protocol. That wasn’t a part of the protocol we still try to give this man as much props as he deserves, ’cause he did so much. It’s like listening to Michael Jordan, saying, ‘Follow my hand.’ But at the same time, Jordan ain’t been around for a while. So now it’s gotta be about the team. Ain’t no I’s in team. When Jordan’s head gets too big, you gotta tell Jordan that’s what it ain’t about. It’s team.”

The Clan’s dirty laundry has been aired out in recent weeks, with Rae and Ghostface Killah alleging creative and financial neglect by the RZA. The pair say they’ve basically been speaking for the rest of the group.

“It’s a lot going on, and like I said, this is not no publicity stunt,” Rae maintained. “This is more or less about men understanding men and men respecting men. At the end of the day, I got a family to feed, kid. I got children that’s going to school that I’m paying for sh– for them to make it, and I refuse to sit here and act like another n—a is gonna tell me how I need to do what I gotta do. If it ain’t how it used to be, then something’s the matter. So, at the end of the day, it’s just a n—a’s water broke. Like a b—h being pregnant, she can’t take it no more, her sh– go blow!”

The Chef told us he explained his discontent to the RZA a while ago.

“I let n—a know about his wicked ways before I came out and addressed this in public,” he said. “So n—a never say, ‘Oh, Chef did it out the blue on some.’ N—a, you know how I feel. … It’s tough love, but you gonna respect me. … I can [opine] on how I feel, and if I feel it ain’t right, like I told RZA, ‘Yo, I don’t get nothing outta trying to shoot at you. I hope you don’t get nothing out of shooting at me.’ But respect that we supposed to be like this. The ill sh– is, it’s 10 years later, 15 years later. You mean to tell me you don’t look at me like a general? You got a problem.”

Method Man, who was under the impression that the album was being pushed back until next year, is also not pleased with how the project turned out and even more disappointed that the dissention has been made public.

“When n—as went in to do the album, it was little discrepancies here and there,” he admitted. “Everybody talking and sh–. Everybody talking at RZA and not to him. Him being who he is and where he came from, of course he’s goanna poke his chest out. And it’s gonna be a standoff. 8 Diagrams is the results of it right here. I don’t think anybody is listening to anybody. What I did as a constant, I spit on what I was required to spit on. I’m not trying to throw no monkey wrench in anything. I strived to make the album sound like an album.”

Meanwhile, the author of 1995’s classic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx album says he’s spearheading an LP called Shaolin vs. the Wu-Tang and that it will feature basically the entire Clan, except for the RZA.

“That’s how I feel right now,” Rae barked. “It’s coming and it’s gonna be a lesson learned. That’s a lesson to bust the Abbott’s ass and let him know what we do. At the end of the day, if nobody don’t do nothing, Chef’s gonna show and prove. You can only hold in but so much, my dude.”

While Meth feels that the LP could have been better, the RZA remains his brother.

“I love the sh– out of RZA; that’s my mutha—-ing n—a, right there,” Tical said. “Thick and thin and back again. However n—as feel about the god, that’s how they feel. But they can’t speak for everybody. So if my name pops up in anything and you ain’t hear it from the horse’s mouth, don’t believe what you heard.

“Hell yeah, on my behalf,” Meth continued about whether the fences can be mended. “I speak for myself: Sh– can be salvaged. Yep. Hell yeah, and the gods know how, too. I ain’t at liberty to say with you, but n—as know how they can fix it with me..

Source: M. Monday

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