R. Kelly Dissing Young Jeezy On His New Freestyle “I’m A Beast”

r kelly

Not that we’re bringing back bad memories, but we know you all remember several months ago when R. Kelly dropped that freestyle, “I’m a Beast.” Nobody knew exactly who Kelly was aiming his pied piping-hot fury at, but some were inferring that maybe he threw a subliminal message at none other than the neighborhood Snowman, Young Jeezy. “Say you’se a ‘go getta’/ Go get your own sh–, boy” Kelly rapped.

Far be it from us not to get clarity. A while back, we asked Jee about the line. He said that the innuendo is preposterous.

“Hell, nah,” Jeezy smiled, sitting in his Dirty South studio. “Come on bruh. I ain’t even thinking about that. But at the same time, I don’t know what going on with that. I’m not in that world. But me and dude always seen eye to eye, so I wouldn’t even understand that. But that’s what music is. … But he did a song called ‘Go Getta’ too, so why couldn’t he say it? He wasn’t saying, ‘Jeezy, you ain’t no go getta.’ That’s a damn lie. I know he wouldn’t do nothing like that.

“That’s when you know it’s getting crazy, when you listening to what that man said,” he added. “It’s R&B. I seen dude since then. C’mon man, that ain’t the case.”

Mr. 17.5 has more important issues at his mind. He’s thinking about the country. Young wants nothing more than to see Barack Obama take office. He released a single called “My President Is Black” on his Web site.

“I just think, if you got voice to speak, you should touch on those subjects,” he said.

“If we the ones speaking,” he continued, addressing his fellow musicians, “we gotta make some sense sometimes. You can’t just take your power, your God-given gift, and talk about bullsh– all the time.” …

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