Quoted Rick Ross Lyrics on Facebook Leads To Arrest Of GangMembers

Rick Ross1

Members of different New York City-based gangs can thank
social media for the arrests of well over 60 of its members.

Reports state that the authorities were led to the gang members thanks to a range of posts made on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. Among the convicting posts was a Facebook update from one gang member that quoted this particular lyric from Rick Ross, “God forgives I don’t….somebody gotta’ die.”

While speaking on the numerous arrests, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly spoke on the power of social media in handling crime in the city.

“Social media remains a double-edged sword in our crime fighting strategies,” said the commissioner. “It is used by
crew members to brag about past crimes, taunt rivals, and incite
violence. On the other hand, we use social media to document past
crimes and intercept new ones being talked about openly by crew
members on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill was also quoted by one of the now jailed gang members who added his own twist to a lyric from Mill’s “Tupac Back.” “I’m 2 Glocks strapped, rolling down 112th Madison, 116th is the New Iraq,” read the incriminating post.

The gangs marked by authorities included Air It Out, True Money, Whoaday, and the True Money Bosses.

Those arrested are accused of everything from drug trafficking to murder.

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