Prodigy Of Mobb Deep: Talks About Fight With Saigon At The SOB’S Club..

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep“He saw an opportunity where he could hit me and he hit me,” Prodigy added. (See Video “Fight At The SOBS Club”)”He was smart for doing that. But right after that, he got lumped some more. He’s getting chased out the club riding on his man’s back. N*ggas was telling him, ‘Drop your jewelry and we’ll stop chasing you.’ Saigon says that never happened. He dropped his watch then hopped in the car and left. We picked up his watch and threw it away ’cause it was fake. Me and Hav ain’t even do none of this. When all of that was going on, we did a Mobb Deep performance. We did seven songs and bounced.  

Saigon got a little lucky punch, but dude hits like a girl. It’s nothing. His man knocked me down ’cause he punched me in my shoulder. I jumped right back up from that.”

“How do you jump on another man’s back?” Havoc chimed in with a chuckle. “How do you do that? He jumped on another man’s back to flee the club. He started with us from the beginning. He’s a wack new rapper who will never be a legend. Mobb Deep are legends. If you think I’m wrong, say I’m wrong, but I got mad gold and platinum plaques.”

Nobody applauds beef that spills off of wax. Luckily, the Mobb are saying they don’t expect any serious violence to occur in the wake of this.

“That’s what happens in rap music,” Prodigy said. “Ain’t nobody trying to kill nobody or nothing like that. Nobody is trying to do that. It’s lumps. It’s reasons behind everything. We ain’t just reckless out here. Mobb Deep is way smarter than that. How you think we survived in the streets for so long? We ain’t out here just recklessly wilding.”

And in other beef, right before the show at S.O.B.’s, Havoc gave an interview disrespecting Kanye West, a man who has produced for the Mobb in the past.

“Hip-hop is in the state it’s in,” Hav tried to explain. “I’m just trying to make it a little more interesting. Of course I like Kanye. He knows I don’t hate him. I met him, I like him, he’s a good dude. It’s just like being in the game with Michael Jordan. I love him to death, but I gotta foul him. Give him a quick elbow.”

“It’s the competition,” Prodigy added. “From day one, we told everybody, ‘We out to beat you.’ We don’t hate him. We did music with Kanye.”.

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