Plies: One Of The Fewest MCs To Speak Against The Law In Some Southern Cities With The Album “Tha Realist”..

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With an album title like Da Realist, of course Plies would be one of the few MCs to speak out against a law in some Southern cities that bans men from wearing their jeans with a sag. “Pants Hang Low” was his loud response.

“For me, being where I’m from, understanding the legal system and the culture I’m a part of, I felt it was a statement record,” he said. “We got a lot of cats, they had a situation in Riviera Beach, Florida, not too far from my hometown. It was a group of guys that were harassed and arrested and incarcerated for a fashion statement. I’mma always stand in the forefront and do what I feel is right. The record had a lot of sentimental value to it.”

His December 16 LP features nothing less than good ol’ Plies spitting from the heart.

“Still hitting on issues that’s important to me,” he said of his second LP in less than a year. “I got another record, called ‘Family’s Straight.’ It’s me talking to God, asking him that before he takes me, before he calls my number, give me the opportunity to get my family in order. I’mma continue to make music that’s true to who I am. I still got the over-the-top radio records. To have that good collage of what I call street-accepted music, I couldn’t ask for it in no better way.”

The lead cuts from Da Realist are “Heard of Me” and “Put It on Ya.”

“The record is on pace in two weeks to be another certified #1 record,” he said of the latter. “God has his hands on me right now.”

Source: MTV

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