Pharrell Williams Dissing T.I. In A Recent GQ Interview


Looks like Pharrell and T.I.’s are recently not clicking so well..

Out of nowhere, Pharrell Williams took what seems to be direct shots at his longtime business good friend, T.I. In a current interview with GQ, the producer elaborated on Tip’s newest album, Paperwork: The Motion Picture. Being the main producer, Pharell revealed inside details about the promotion of the LP and its goal. Here’s what he stated, apparently addressing the complete project and taking shots at his long time friend.

I wasn’t happy about the T.I. situation. They did that record hoping for radio play, and they got nothing out of it…. Great, you got your No. 1 hip-hop song [“No Mediocre” and “About the Money”]. But what does that do for your sales?… You want to be camouflage? Go ahead. Blend in. But we want to be that twinkle in the sky.”

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