Papoose: New Single “Bang It Out” Featuring Big Snoop Dogg & Produced By Scott Storch..


People have been talking about Papoose lately for his crew’s beef with fellow Brooklyn Papoosenative’s Uncle Murda‘s camp (Uncle Murda is signed to Roc-A-Fella Records and is produced by DJ Green Lantern). But Pap is aiming to get the focus back on his music. He finally has released the first single from his Nacerima Dream LP (due late summer). It’s called “Bang It Out,” was produced by Scott Storch and features Snoop Dogg.

“That’s the first joint we going with,” Pap said on Sunday night. “Everybody knows I can get lyrical. So the first verse I take you to Miami, rapping about some of the dreams, describing the environment in Miami then Snoop Dogg comes in. It was a honor working with him. I grew up listening to Snoop Dogg.

“On the third verse,” he continued, “I talk about giving my daughter a credit card and different things that deal with the economy. The chorus gives you different aspects of banging it out. It’s not just all violence: Your girl could have a bangin’ body, you could let hip-hop music bang out of your truck.

Pap said his upcoming set of shows will be happening out of the U.S., but he plans to shoot some of the “Bang It Out” video in Los Angeles, some in Miami and the rest in New York.

Pap’s next mixtape, Already a Legend, should be out shortly after you read this. He said there may be one or two lines about Murda, but for the most part when it comes to beef, “my music don’t reflect that. My music reflects what goes on in the world.”

The Papoose & Uncle Murder saga is playing out in interviews on the Internet like one big ghetto soap opera, so we won’t go to the trouble to give you the play-by-play. Even Pap isn’t too wordy when talking about it. “That whole thing speaks for itself,” he said. “I don’t really do beef records. If I have a problem, I’ll handle it with actions. I never had to come with no gimmick or none of that. All the people are gonna get is good music classic material.” …

  • Papoose Feat. Snoop Dogg – Bang It Out
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