Nu Jerzey Devil: From DJ, Producer To Rhyming Artist..

Nu Jerzey Devil

Nu Jerzey DevilNu Jerzey Devil‘s elevation from DJ/ producer/ in-house A&R man at Black Wall Street has been anything but hellacious. He’s getting booked for shows to rap not spin records simply from word of mouth. He put the word out on the Net some time ago that he was going to seriously start rhyming, and promoters from as far away as Germany are shelling out greenbacks to get him onstage. You have to love the hip-hop hustle.

“I love it,” the Atlantic City, New Jersey, native said about rapping. “It’s something I wanted to do since I was a kid but never did it. But n—as kept pushing me. Game was always like, ‘I think you should do it.’

“Game and them keep it gangsta,” he added. “No matter how G I keep it, I’m too much of a pretty boy, so people don’t believe me. So I do it for the ladies. I still keep it gangsta, but females buy records. That’s my lane.”

Devil, who is Game‘s DJ and business associate, said that after the response he got from appearing on Lil Wayne‘s “Bandana on the Right Side” last year, he decided to finally give it a try.

“Everybody loved it,” Dev said. “I ain’t get no bad reviews from it. Lil Wayne was impressed.”

And with the younger listeners who happen to be buying a bulk of the music these days  not exactly holding MCs to any type of lyrical standard, let’s face it, could Devil really sound any worse than some of these guys out there with “hit” records? He doesn’t think so.

“At that point, I was like, ‘I hear all his other type of stuff going on, I might as well do it.’ There’s nothing I can’t do. I’m comfortable in the booth, I can do my own beats. I’m trying to keep my hands in every cookie jar I can.”

NJ is giving the listeners a chance to hear for themselves very soon with the release of his From the Block to the Yacht mixtape, which is a joint venture with up-and-coming Miami rapper Stacks.

“He grew up a rich kid, silver spoon in his mouth. His dad is a millionaire,” NJ said about Stacks being referenced in the CD title. “Me being from the ‘hood, the other side of the track. We met through Game. The whole thing is produced by me, Steve Morales, Scott Storch and my new production crew, Surround Sound. It’s impeccable, man. I don’t like to consider it a mixtape it’s more like an album.”

Dev says he’ll have an official single out soon. One of his choices is an untitled track with Game, while the other is another song with Lil Wayne that has yet to be named as well. Devil also launched his own clothing line, Heaven or Hell, and if you check the Web site you’ll see some of his more tenured rapper friends, such as Rick Ross, modeling his hoodies and T-shirts.

Source: MTV

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