Nicki Minaj Says “I Feel Guilty For Being Me”


By: PJ Premier (Jackson)

She quite, she sexy and has self-proclamied herself as the BARBIE-Girl of rap music. Many say she has invited herself into the ranks of great femal rappers too soon, but the fans are eating out of her hands with her gimmicky rap metaphors. We’re talking about none of there then Young Money Records artist Nikki Minaj. Minaj gets candid with CEO of Cash Money Records BABY, in a recent interview posted on World Star Hip Hop video sectionfrom BET’s show I AM NIKKI; and she talks about how she really feels about her life, music and where she see her career.

Watching the lengthy interview, you will be able to catch a glimpse into the Nicki Minaj’s world. New artist spot lights are often generously amusing because of the intimate details that people are yet to know about the artist; Minaj is no different- she shares how she really feels about her raunchy antics.

“It makes me feel guilty because I know how I am with my 12-year old brother… very strict. Every now and then I feel like I gotta censor it but censoring it too much I wouldn’t be Nicki Minaj. I think a part of what they like is I’m the naughty girl.”

“I know what people want from me… but that’s not always what I want to do but I don’t want to lose them in the process. I just did something called “Sh*tting On ‘Em.” It’s real hood, it’s the old Nicki. I just want to balance it.”

Nicki Minaj’s career is often times scanned with a microscope because of her semi-offensive lyrics but is often praised by her peers. Traveling from city to city, Minaj catches herself signing autographs in some of the weirdest places. “Every time I do a show, women ask me to sign their breast,” said Minaj. “I have no idea why women ask me to do that, as she shrugs her shoulders and giggles innocently.”

Shockingly enough, Minaj has more of a strong hold over the women then she does with the men. The BET interview goes on to show how livly, energetic and personally she is with getting ready for a show and what Minaj puts into her shows. You can intensely watch the video and get your own assessment but one things for sure, she is defiantly in heavy rotation and only time will tell to see if she will stand the test of time .

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