Nicki Minaj Hoping On A Collaboration With 50 Cent

nick minaj2

Nicki Minaj said that despite sharing a hometown, she and 50 cENT haven’t come across each other yet.

“Our paths never crossed, and it’s weird,” Minaj told DJ Envy in a recent episode of MTV2’s “Sucker Free Countdown.” “I did met Lloyd Banks, like, once or twice before.”

Even if Minaj is planning a major Queens anthem with 50 Cent, she’s keeping the details under wraps. “If there is a big surprise, I’m not gonna tell you, Envy,” Minaj teased. “I know everybody will know by the time I say it. You gonna tweet it and stuff. It’s gonna be on the radio. I mean, why would I tell you that?”

If a Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent collabo did go down, the rising star would have something else in common with fellow female emcee Lil’ Kim, who has been taking shots at the Young Money diva. Lil Kim and 50 Cent worked together on the raunchy hit “Magic Stick” from Lil Kim’s 2003 album, La Bella Mafia.

It would also be an interesting matchup since 50 has been going at Minaj collaborator and rumored manager Diddy in recent interviews, saying the Bad Boy mogul’s music “sucks right now.” (MTV)

Would be a big record for NewYork… Well only time can tell…

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