Nicki Minaj Explains How “Anaconda” Leaked


During her interview on Carson Daly of AMP Radio , Nicki explained how her recent single “Anaconda” leaked. She said the record was scheduled for release on August 12, but leaked when an app got hold of the song and mistakenly sent it out to users.

“I wanted it out, and then the label came with this great radio plan to put it out next week,” she said. “So, what my fans don’t know is that we were actually going to put the record out August 11. We were going to have this amazing promotion and have all this stuff leading up to it, and lo and behold the record leaked. We had already sent the song out to people like iTunes and Google and all of that. There was a particular app that didn’t delete it out of their system and by mistake gave it to their customers. It just was inevitable, the leak started happening online and so we had to just release it today.”

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