Nicki Minaj – 1 Million Twitter Followers & Album Title


Nicki Minaj reached over 1 million Twitter followers this weekend. She recently promised she would make a UStream broadcast once she had reached her goal [1 million twitter followers] and announce the title of her forthcoming debut album [tinight].

“WOW #TeamMinaj we did it!!! We really did it?!?!?! *pops champagne* 1 MILLION followers!!! Thank u to every single million of u!” she wrote late Sunday August 1st night.

“Ok u guyz. A promise is a promise. Ustream tomorrow. I’ll be announcing the name of the album and much more. Not sure of the time but it’ll be late in the day [Monaday August 2nd]. I’ll keep u posted! I’m thinking maybe 8pm EST.”

Guess everybody is waiting for the Nicki Minaj November 23 release album [yet to be titled], so keep her locked “@nickiminaj” or keep up with “@hiphoplead” and be the first to know the title of the most anticipated female debut album.

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