News Flash: Pharell Williams Talks Of Recent Projects, Lil’ Wayne BET Freestyle, Juelz And Talib Together..



Pharell Williams is working with a lot of artists he can talk about right now. We were in the studio with him recently in Atlanta and had a sneak preview of some beats he did for Diddy and the Clipse. One Puff track that really stuck out has the potential to be huge if Diddy does it right.

“Puff’s album is crazy,” Williams promised. “Y’all should know that. It’s pretty serious. It’s innovative.

“Lil Wayne and I had an interesting conversation,” he added about his slate of production work. “We just did Fall Out Boy. We did Cassie, Jadakiss, going in with Fab. I can’t think. It’s a bunch of stuff.” …

While the Neptunes’ handiwork might appear on Jay’s Blueprint 3, a Lil Wayne collaboration might not be as likely. Wayne said he didn’t get the call from Jay to jump on the record. Actually, Weezy had no idea The Blueprint 3 was ramping up!

“I didn’t even know it was a Blueprint 3,” he told us. “That’s because I be working so hard. If you wanna call me or tell me anything, you gotta come to that studio.”

Everybody is still talking about that Weezy freestyle at the BET Hip-Hop Awards that got political. You can check it out here. …

It’s great to see hip-hop community members showing love to one another, especially when you don’t usually see them together. We grabbed Juelz Santana and Talib Kweli together for a quick interview, and are we clairvoyant or what? The fellas have actually started formulating a plan to collaborate with their respective cliques.

“We got a secret project I can’t tell y’all about yet,” Talib said. “Y’all gonna hear about it. Look out for that Blacksmith Records/ Juelz Santana and Skull Gang collaboration. That new Skull Gang mixtape is like an album. I see it.

“This is the man right here,” Kweli continued about his Harlem peer.

“This is the man right here,” Santana said, pointing to his Brooklyn friend.

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