New York Senator Wants Lil Wayne To Apologize

Ny Senator Malcolm Smith Wants an Apology from Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne told MTV on monday he doesn’t like New York.

Wayne was asked about a concert in NYC and responded by saying, “Flat out: I don’t like New York.” Not surprising considering he spent 8 months in Rikers Island prison in 2010 for gun possession. Then Nicki Minaj was dissed by NY’s Peter Rosenberg, to say the least.

Now, The state senator, Malcom Smith happens to be offended, so the whole state needs an apology. The senator held a Press Conference, demanding the apology to not only New York but to Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z.

“He’s insulting people like Jay-Z … Frank Sinatra.” Smith continues, “Quite frankly. we’re not gonna let someone come here and make a living off all the New Yorkers and tourists here and then basically say ‘I don’t like New York.'”

The Hot 97 morning show (Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and K. Foxx) got the senator on the phone to see what his whole objective is here. Barely a minute into the convo, Senator Smith jumps out the window and says hip-hop was founded in QUEENS! So here we have a DUMMIE who clearly doesn’t even know his hip-hop history, and he’s trying to pry his nose into what a rapper’s doing and demand an apology? (IFWT)

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