New Details Emerge On 2 Chainz Bus Tour Arrest

2 Chainz 2

A few days ago 2 Chainz  and members of his crew were arrested on a reported drug possession charge. New details have been released about the arrest that took place in Oklahoma City after a concert.

As was reported before, police initially pulled the tour bus over for a busted taillight but as police approached the bus ,cops  smelled weed and attempted to search the bus. The driver refused to open the bus and  new details state that a passenger aboard the bus actually held a physically copy of the U.S. Constitution against the bus window.

It seems the passenger thought he felt the police we challenging his civil rights…. but he was wrong. The police in fact had probable cause to enter the bus because they smelled pot and saw smoke inside.

The incident ended with the bus being towed and all the passengers on board including 2 Chainz were arrested.

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