New Chris Brown Song “Changed Man” Hits The Net


While song appear’s to be an appology to Rihanna,Brown’s rep say’s it was actually recorded some time ago .

Yet another unreleased song purported to be Chris Brown’s first single from his upcoming album, Graffiti, leaked onto the Web this week, this one titled “Changed Man.” The song’s regret-tinged lyrics could be construed as an apology to Rihanna.

“What do you do when the truth isn’t quite enough/ They looking at you telling you that we need to break it up,” Brown sings on the melancholy track. “You need to do what you do, it’s me and you in love/ But I’mma make it up to you and show the world I’m a changed man.”

The three-minute track details Brown pledging his devotion and trying to atone for his mistakes.

A rep for Brown’s label, Jive Records, however, told MTV News on Friday (August 14) that the song was actually recorded “some time ago.”

Brown has been working on his next album, Graffiti, tentatively scheduled for a release by the end of the year; no new material from the project has been released yet. “Changed Man” will not be the first single, according to the rep.

In June, two songs leaked, one titled “Smash” and the other one “Not My Fault,” that caused a stir. “Not My Fault” led many to think that was an apology ode, but a rep confirmed the songs were demo tracks that were not intended for release.

“Countering misleading reports of ‘new’ Chris Brown music: there are no ‘new’ songs from Chris Brown currently being promoted by Chris or his record label,” a representative for Jive Records said in a statement at the time. “There are several old demos circulating that are being falsely promoted as new material from Chris.”

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