Nas: Would Love To See Barack Obama Be The Next President Of America..

Nas: Would Love To See Barack Obama Be The Next President Of America..

NasNas is also hush on whom he’s supporting in the Democratic presidential primary. Similar to 50 Cent, who initially endorsed Hillary Clinton and is now undecided, Nas didn’t want to commit to one candidate when he’s still feeling out their platforms. But he did say he was particularly fond of Barack Obama.

“This election year, I’m still not really sure where I sit with politicians,” Nas said. “I’m not really trustin’ them still. But I think this election is the best thing we could ask for right now, coming out of George W. Bush. What better candidates could you ask for other than Hillary and Obama? So, you know, this presidential run, it makes more sense than it ever did before.

“I’d love to see Barack Obama become the president. He’s the face of America, hands down,” the rapper said. “There’s no two ways to look at it, man. The man’s got what it takes. He’s serious. As a kid, you always think, ‘We’ll never see a black president,’ you know? ‘There’ll never be a black president.’ And you always feel that way. Everybody’s always grew up that way, black and white.

So I think now, with Obama having a great chance of winning, I think with black and white, there’s been something lifted off their shoulders. It’s like, ‘This can happen. This can be great.’ And it’s about time.”

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