Nas Wanted To Hang Jay-Z At Summer Jam 2002


Jay-Z and Nas’ beef has been well-documented in hip-hop history. Some of their best diss tracks, such as Jay-Z’s “Takeover” and Nas’ “Ether” brought an energy that can’t be matched on other records. But things almost got even more heated during Hot 97’s Summer Jam in 2002.

A couple of days ago a video surfaced of a robotics team making a Jay-Z figure that Nas originally intended to hang at Summer Jam 2002.

The shocking video shows a look-a-like Jay-Z puppet being prepared, along with a gallows, which Nas planned to use during his Hot 97 Summer Jam performance 10 years ago. Nas had commissioned a special-effects specialist to create the dummy which would be hung in his show, but the radio station stopped him from doing it.

Checkout the video below (Sick ain’t it? LOL!):

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