Nas Has a Nasty Tax Bill


Queensbridge native Nas said Life is Good, but maybe not as good as it seems. He seems to be having tax issues, previously with the feds, and now with the State of Georgia. The rapper behind Bye Baby may be saying bye to over $1 million.

TMZ reports that the State of Georgia filed legal documents against Nas to collect $1,083,435 from the years 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 (we’re not sure what went right in 2008). They’re so serious, the Department of Revenue is demanding that Live Nation garnish his wages from his current tour with Lauryn Hill to satisfy the bill.

Nas’ people claim the matter is handled, but the case remains open. When he had the problem with the IRS a while back, the debt owed was $6 million, and papers were filed to garnish his wages through BMI and ASCAP until they got their money back.

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