Mother of Late Rapper, Lil JoJo Says Chief Keef Is Responsible For Son’s Death

A few months have passed since Chicago rapper, Lil Jojo was killed in a fatal shooting.

In a recent interview with BET, mother of the late rapper, speaks on the possible involvement Chief Keef played in his death.

Robin Russel, Lil JoJo’s mother, believes that Chief Keef is directly involved in her son’s death. Though she believes that Chief Keef did not pull the trigger, she explains that she believes he paid someone to take him out.

“Chief Keef [is responsible]…I don’t believe him, himself pulled the trigger but I believe he paid somebody to do it,” she said. “I would like justice to come from this and to show kids it’s a better way to get an education and yes, I fear for my own life. [Police] have a couple leads, they’re still working on it.”