More Details On Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV” Delay

Lil Wayne

In January, Mack Maine stated that “Tha Carter IV”, the new album by Lil’ Wayne, ” would need a couple more pieces and then it would be ready”.

Then they announced a new date of release, May 16, and now it slips to June, because it seems that the rapper is not sure yet to release his new album in a month.

“Lil Wayne is still working to fix some things, he is a perfectionist”, said producer and friend of the rapper Mack Maine, “He’s changing a few lines, we have a great record that is not finished yet.”

“Tha Carter IV” will be released this June 21 and Mack Maine also wanted to specify that the version circulating on the net these days of “John (If I Die Today)“, a piece created in collaboration with Lil Wayne & Rick Ross, is not the final version.

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