M.O.P: Back And Ready To Drop New LP Album Since They Signed With The G-Unit..


OK, let’s just hope it happens this time. Whatever problem Lil’ Fame had in Jamaica M.O.Pthat was hindering M.O.P. from putting out their G-Unit debut seems to be over, we saw Billy, Fame and Fame’s passport less than two weeks ago. They say the album should be out in summer ’08. There will be solo street albums and a heavy-metal rock project beforehand.

“I’mma be working with Billy, he’s doing my album, ” Fame said with a smile.

“I’mma be working with Fame,” he’s on my album, Billy added.

“It’s been some time since M.O.P. been out, so we wanna make sure everybody gets what they expect from M.O.P. Anything that comes after as far as collaborations, if it adds to what we’re doing, then we’re down with it. It just gotta work. This new album right here is something serious. This is something we been doing for years, and people love what we do.”

Especially 50 Cent. The duo say he doesn’t want them to switch up their style despite the long hiatus.

“One thing about any other artist we been signed to, they signed M.O.P. for what M.O.P. does. They don’t wanna tamper with that. They’re M.O.P. fans. I appreciate that. There’s a lot of artists that’s M.O.P. fans, and we’re their fans also. We need that to feed off each other.

“We got countless music for the M.O.P. album,” Billy continued. “Lil’ Fame has been doing serious production across the board. We have a heavy-metal joint that we’re putting together with a lot of different artists. We’re doing about six or seven things, like major things, in one shot.

“If you guys are missing M.O.P., don’t worry about it,” he concluded, ” ’cause when we send M.O.P. at you, we sending it to you in rolls and waves.”

Source: Mixtape M.

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