Mobb Deep: Tension With Saigon Spilled Off Of Internet Interviews And Street DVDs Onto The Stage..


Mobb DeepA couple of weeks ago, the long-brewing (as in years-in-the-making) Mobb Deep and Saigon tension spilled off of Internet interviews and street DVDs onto the stage. They performed at the same show at New York club S.O.B.’s, and as quickly as it looked like things would remain calm, they got to scrappin’.

There’s YouTube footage of the incident floating around and it looked like chaotic tomfoolery. The Mobb was first to respond to the incident by releasing footage of the fight, followed by Saigon‘s blog postings on his MySpace page, like the entry “I Finally Got Prodigy… .” Sai went on to say, “I know you all are seeing this YouTube video of like 25 Mobb Deep n*ggas chasing me out the club. … And hell f*cking yeah I dipped up out of there untouched. But that was after I snuffed little punk ass Prodigy.”

Sai has since said he’s not talking about the incident anymore, but Prodigy and Havoc spoke to us directly to get their side of the altercation out there.

“We went to Hav’s show, you know how we do, we the Mobb,” Prodigy said. “We was going to show love and celebrate. It was all love. Then we hear DJ Premier on the mic saying, ‘We got a special guest performance tonight: Saigon.’ We all looking at each other like, ‘Saigon? What is he doing here? Special guest performance? OK, let’s get up onstage.’ Basically, Hav showed him love. SaigonSaigon was like, ‘Oh, it’s all love.’ I was glad that happened. But certain people around us was like, He’s poppin’ sh*t. We f*cking him up.’ And that’s what happened. He caught lumps.”

The footage shows what happened to Saigon, and you could clearly see him hitting Prodigy in the face.

“For people to say, ‘He snuffed P,’ first of all, that’s what happens in a fight,” Prodigy said. “People get hit. I been hit plenty of times in my face in a fight. I done got people’s teeth lodged in my knuckles and all that. That’s what happens. At the end of the day, he got chased out the building.

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