Method Man: Talks About His Latest Movie “The Wackness”..



Method Man is on his way to the Sundance Film Festival in two weeks, where he’ll be sitting in on the screening of his latest film, “The Wackness.”

“It’s cool as sh–,” he said of the film, which also co-stars Ben Kingsley and Mary-Kate Olsen, and was directed by up-and-comer Jonathan Levine. “This guy feels his life is wack. The lead character is played by Josh Peck, and it’s the story of a high school student who’s about to graduate, that’s addicted to pot. His psychiatrist is also a drug addict, that’s played by Ben Kingsley. Peck falls in love with Ben Kingsley’s daughter, who’s also a drug addict. Peck comes for advice from his supplier, who is me. I play a Rastafarian drug dealer. I really transformed. I hired my own coach. The dialogue they had was so Hollywood Jamaican, it was ridiculous. The person I worked with went in and wrote it over.”

Method Man, who also has a role in the upcoming spoof film “Meet the Spartans,” said he’s trying to be diverse as possible in Hollywood. “After ‘How High,’ everybody wanted me to do comedy,” he explained.

In addition to his work as Melvin “Cheese” Wagstaff on the gritty HBO series “The Wire,” Method recently had a stint as a murderous “all-around bad dude” on “Law & Order.” “I don’t like following behind other rap n—as, but I found out [the show’s producers] hired a lot of mutha—-as from ‘The Wire,’ ” he explained. “So they probably seen my ‘Wire’ reel and was like, ‘Let’s f— with this dude.’ ”

Although Meth is upset that “The Wire” hasn’t received the attention it deserves from the Emmys, he is elated about the reception of the fans and the critical acclaim it has received during its five-season run.

“The show gets real deep this season,” he promised. “It’s not to be missed.

“Cheese, he’s that n—a,” he added of his nefarious character. “Cheese is making his move in season five. He’s a survivor.”

Away from the cameras, the Ticallion Stallion is also working on his next album, Crystal Method. Despite rumors to the contrary, Method Man said he’s still signed to Def Jam.

“I’m tired of n—as sleeping on the kid,” he said. “They must be on dope or dog food. I’m not putting no release date on it. I’m four songs deep, but I just started. That’s good for me.”

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