Meek Mill Warns Cassidy For Lil Snupe Reference On “Catch A Body”

// September 11th, 2013
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Meek Mill Warns Cassidy For Lil Snupe Reference On “Catch A Body”

Rapper Meek Mill may have Kendrick Lamar in his sight but it seems he’s ready to take it to Cassidy for referencing the late Lil Snupe on his “Catch A Body” diss.

Meek took to Tweeter to address Cass with a public message.

“We gone treat that boy for putting Snupe in his raps! #examples,” Meek tweeted September 9.

“One thing about me…… I never told on no n*ggaz…. One thing about me never sold my soul 2 no b#%ches”

On “Catch A Body”, Cass mentions the late teenage rapper and blames Meek for his death,

“I ain’t broke chill, man I’m still worth a few mill /You remind me of Sisqó from Dru Hill /F*ck how you feel, you got Lil Snupe killed /And you only ride out on two wheels /You a motorcycle n*gga, I don’t like you n*gga /I spit cooked crack, I put that on the Bible n*gga /I pack guns, to jack son like Michael n*gga” (Catch A Body)

Cassidy has also announced plans to release a retaliation track to Meek’s “Kendrick You Next” diss.

“I know n*ggas is in the streets talking right now ’cause this idiot put out another diss record about me but you know I stay in the motherf*cking lab,” Cass said in an interview. “It took a n*gga like eight, nine months to respond, d*mn near a year. He had to sit back, got a bunch of n*ggas around him helping him come up with lines, then he flipping lines he been had said in February and sh*t like that and try to come at me ’cause you know that ‘R.A.I.D.’ sh*t got under his skin. That sh*t f*cked him up emotionally and a n*gga can’t get over that. It’s eating at him every day so he had to come back with something. I wasn’t even thinking about that n*gga, you know what I mean? … Since he dropped that song, I thought it was done. I thought that n*gga was dead already. … The n*gga can’t even rap. But just to show the streets I’m still cooking n*ggas, I put some sh*t together to throw dirt over the hole. It’s going down tonight, it’s called ‘Catch A Body.’ ‘Cause that’s what I do. I kill n*ggas.” (Much Better Films)

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