Meek Mill Suing Philadelphia Police Over 2012 Arrest


Meek Mill is suing the city of Philadelphia for false imprisonment and invasion of privacy resulting from an incident that he claimed caused him to lose potential revenue.

In the court documents, it is reported that Meek said that he was pulled over and told that law enforcement officials smelled marijuana in his car. They searched his vehicle and handcuffed the rapper for refusing to let cops search his car. It is also reported that the cops found no illegal substance in the car.

According to TMZ, Mill says the incident caused him to miss a flight to Atlanta, Georgia. The private jet cancellation reportedly cost $22,000. Mill also said he missed a public appearance that would have paid him $39,000. The rapper claims the negative publicity from the 2012 incident caused him to settle for $650,000 contract with Puma that would have been a $2 million dollar contract.

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