Meek Mill Denied Move To Miami


In May, rapper Meek Mill was order by Judge Genece Brinkley to take etiquette classes to correct his behavior and mannerisms in and out of the courtroom.

Though Meek received high praise for his progress during the program from Gail Madison, the head of Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol in Huntingdon Valley Judge Brinkley, the rapper was still denied his request to move to Miami, Florida.

Even though his request was denied, he did have some of his probation conditions lightened.Meek no longer has to get a travel voucher every 30 days, and no longer has to call his probation officer every time he heads to a different state.

Assistant District Attorney Noel DeSantis still had things Meek needs to improve on. Such things included  returning phone calls and emails from his PO. “This is not ‘my dog ate my homework.’ This is very important,” said DeSantis. “He’s not doing basic, simple things.”

The rapper’s next court appearance  is scheduled for January 31.


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