Maino: Gratitude To 50 Cent For Helping Me Get My New Deal..


Maino‘s been seeing all the trouble Saigon has been having on Atlantic Records, but Mainothat didn’t stop him from recently inking a deal with the company.

“Only way a team could win is if all the players are in tune with each other,” he explained about his departure from Universal Records. “It was no camaraderie up there, no cohesion. The staff didn’t work well together, so how could we win? You had me, Jae Millz, Remy Ma. It’s not a coincidence that we’re all off the label.”

Maino also points out that he never even officially released a single during his stint on Universal Records.

“I never had a go at it,” the Brooklyn brawler said. “We never seen Maino with the machine behind him, we seen Maino with just the just the streets. If we get this single crackin’ in the next month, I have a shot at coming out this year. I don’t want to say the title because it’s a no-brainer. It’s just that’s simple: If you heard it, that would be your idea right there.”

Maino says he has to give gratitude to 50 Cent for helping him get his new deal.

“Shout out to 50 Cent and the whole G-Unit,” he said. “50 stepped in and helped me with my situation. Everything was going good for me but the homie did some real-recognize-real [moves]. 50 came in and put a call in for me and co-signed me and everything been good since then.

“You never know,” he added about whether 50 Cent would officially be involved in the project. “But homie’s a real dude. He likes to see other dudes eat. I never seen no selfishness about him.”

Obviously, the rumors about Maino having beef with the head of the G-Unit over disses Fif leveled at Maino‘s good friend Lil’ Kim a few years ago, have been exaggerated.

“That’s nothing,” Maino explained. “I said all kinds of sh– out my mouth before. As rappers, we say all kinds of things. I never took that personal. But 50 and my brother been friends for a long time; even before I got in the game they was cool. When 50 was first coming up, they was cool. And my man Monster that runs with him is from my ‘hood. So it was a connection already. But I never tried to run under anybody else’s flag, I tried to put my own movement together.”

Maino’s focus on unity hasn’t been limited to 50 Cent. He’s been working with a slew of MCs, especially from the underground such as fellow Brooklyn native Uncle Murder.

“I realized, I did a lot of beefs,” Maino said. “I don’t shy away from confrontation. All us new rappers coming out of New York, we should have more camaraderie and that’s what I been trying to do lately. There’s a couple of f*ck boys who don’t deserve to be in the community, but I’m not jumping out the window no more.” … …

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