Lupe Fiasco Taken Off Stage For Making Anti-Obama Comments

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Lupe Fiasco was taken off stage during a performance at Hamilton Live in Washington, D.C. on Sunday (January 20) night.

Lupe was removed after performing an anti-war song for 30 minutes, and saying that he did not vote for President Barack Obama in the latest November election. He was reportedly schecduled to perform as part of a celebration for Obama’s inauguration, which takes place on Monday (January 21).

After the performance and anti-Obama statements, Lupe was asked by security to leave after objecting to move to the next song.

Below are tweets from Foreign Policy’s Josh Rogin, who was in attendance at the show (spotted at Complex):

Lupe Fiasco just got thrown off stage here at the Hamilton Live after he went on an anti-Obama diatribe mid set.
— Josh Rogin (@joshrogin) January 21, 2013

So Lupe played one anti-war song for 30 min and said he didn’t vote for Obama and eventually was told to move on to the next song.
— Josh Rogin (@joshrogin) January 21, 2013

Lupe refused to move to the next song so a team of security guards came on stage and told him to go.
— Josh Rogin (@joshrogin) January 21, 2013

Lupe’s stance on Obama is nothing new, as the rapper has criticized the President numerous times in the past.

Though Lupe may seem like a rebel, some of his point are very valid and should be looked into.

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