Lupe Fiasco Reacts To Lasers Album Negative Reviews


Lupe Fiasco’s third studio album, Lasers, which is scheduled for a March 8 release recently leaked over the Internet, and Lupe Fiasco says the negative reviews are “crushing.”

Lupe wrote to his nearly 401,000+ Twitter followers:

“I never thought Lasers would inspire so much negativity, Reading the comments and reactions is crushing.”

“To all the Lupe fans who protested and petitioned you did a GREAT thing. Don’t let people belittle what u achieved.”

“You forced a massive corporation to bow to the whim of the people. Thats a glorious thing.”

“Love always shines everytime remember 2 smile has always been a “note2self” the product of trying to figure a reason to keep going.”

“This morning I buried my brother under a perfect sunshine. It’s a beautiful day today. Go out and be beautiful with it. The End. Peace.”

To minimize piracy, Lupe Fiasco and Atlantic Records have been releasing weekly singles since February 15. During the three weeks leading up to the album release, fans had the opportunity to essentially purchase half of the album via iTunes, which provided access to song snippets and exclusives.

But it looks like the feedbacks were not inspiring, infact it has been a rough week for Lupe Fiasco, as his long-awaited Lasers album leaked online and had a lot of negative reviews.

In an interview with Kevin from Hot 97, when asked where he sees himself in five years, Lupe answered:

“Hopefully I’ll be out of my traditional record deal, the record deal I’m in right now. Probably living in Africa somewhere, making rock music,”

When asked if he was serious Lupe laughed and said:

“Who knows man? Who knows? I don’t know.”

Lupe Fiasco’s “Lasers” album will be in stores March 8, show your support if you are a true fan.

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