Lloyd Banks: Where In The World Can He Be Found??..

Lloyd Banks

Where in the world is Lloyd Banks? His Rotten Apple LP came and went, and the most Lloyd Bankslyrical member of the G-Unit camp has kept virtually no profile in the press. In the new issue of Vibe, 50 Cent hinted that the album’s lack of success was due to laziness on the part of Blue Hefner.

“He said that?” former G-Unit President Sha Money XL asked last week. “I didn’t read the article yet.”

Money is Banks and Young Buck‘s manager, and said Lloyd Banks is working on his next album and added that he’s turned over a new leaf.

“His original rap name was Lazy Lloyd, so his demeanor is laid back,” Sha said. “He’s the most humble one out of all them. He does have to get with the ‘time to do press artists’ business responsibilities and all that. You have to put your heart into it. His original stance was to just rap. It’s more than that.”

Money also blames the G-Unit‘s well publicized extracurricular run-ins for Rotten Apple‘s lack of success.

“It went from G-Unit being the hottest sh– to now n—as is nitpicking because of all the outside sh– going on,” Sha said. “The violence, the arguing, the hate, the divide-and-conquer. All that takes away from what we need to focus on: the music.

“The industry scorned him because he’s a rapper’s rapper,” XL added. “He doesn’t sit through marketing meetings and know the politics of radio or even the little backlash coming. When Banks came out, he had to fight a lot of hate. It wasn’t based on music no more; it was the politics.”

Sha is predicting big things for the album Banks is currently cooking up. “The album he’s working on is amazing and he’s coming back like Jay-Z after ‘Sunshine,'” he said. “Sometimes you get that one album that don’t connect, but Lloyd Banks‘ fans is still with him. He’s still touring and doing shows like sh– is all the way right. He’s coming to beat their heads in he on some lyrical exercise.

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