Lil’ Wayne: This Time Can’t Stay Away From Court, Not Even For The MTV Awards..

Lil’ Wayne: This Time Can’t Stay Away From Court, Not Even For The MTV Awards..

Lil Wayne may have missed a recent court date in Arizona because of his dentist, but the 2008 Video Music Awards weren’t going to keep him from making a scheduled court hearing in New York early Monday afternoon (September 8).

Fresh from his VMA performance and Moonman win for Best Hip-Hop Video in Hollywood on Sunday night, Wayne appeared in a Manhattan courtroom for a hearing related to his 2007 arrest on a single gun charge.

According to Wayne’s attorney, Stacey Richman, the rapper flew overnight to make Monday’s hearing, which was continued until Wednesday.

“He is the utmost, consummate professional,” Richman said of Wayne’s red-eye trip to New York. “He recognizes his entertainment obligations, his business obligations and his obligations to the court.”

When asked about his VMA afterparty plans by MTV News on Saturday night, Wayne did not mention the court date.

“You know me, I don’t really trip off the parties and stuff,” he said. “I may pop up at a party or two. Tonight I’ll be in the studio working on some stuff.”

Wayne was arrested in July 2007 after police stopped his tour bus and, during a subsequent search of the vehicle, uncovered a .40-caliber pistol, for which he was charged with one count of criminal possession of a weapon. The arrest came just hours after Wayne made what he labeled his New York debut, with a raucous show at the Beacon Theatre.

The “suppression” hearing aims to determine whether the stop-and-search of Wayne’s tour bus and the subsequent interviews taken by police “were properly conducted,” Richman said, before going on to explain the reason the case was continued. “There was direct testimony of one of the detectives involved in Wayne’s arrest, and then the cross-examination of the detective was begun. But then the district attorney wasn’t available in the afternoon, so we broke until Wednesday.”

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