Lil Wayne: Talks Of His New Piercing Boring Rappers



MTV asks Lil’ Wayne: What is the story behind the lip piercing he debuted at the 2008 Video Music Awards?

Wayne said: “No story behind it,” he said nonchalantly. “I’m human like you. Average like everybody else. You want it, you get it. I wanted it, I got it. No story behind it. That’s what’s wrong with the world now. Everything has to mean something. You’re doing things for that meaning and not for you. I have no reason to do it. I did it because this is Wayne and this is what I wanted. Now that I got it, you can get it today or tomorrow, and you know who you trying to be like, right?”

OK, back to the music. Wayne and DJ Drama are almost done with Dedication 3, and Mr. Thanksgiving said we’ll be hearing something very soon. Outside of his own projects, though, Weezy said there isn’t too much, by “too much” he means nothing, that’s exciting him.

“Everybody’s doing their thing, but they’re not exciting,” Wayne said. “Everybody is doing the same thing. That’s terrible. Do I love the music that’s out right now? I love it with a passion. Does it motivate me? Not one bit. That’s because 808s & Heartbreak isn’t out yet.

Wayne is one of the few guests on Kanye West’s upcoming album.

Source: MTV

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