Lil Wayne: Returns Back To Takeover The Mixtape Game With The Whole Young Money Cliquw..

Lil Wayne: Returns Back To Takeover The Mixtape Game With The Whole Young Money Cliquw..

Lil Wayne is still the goliath of the mixtape game, but he hasn’t actually released an official street CD since he dropped the two-disc classic The Drought in 2007. Earlier in the year, an upset Wayne made some disparaging comments about the mixtape circuit that infuriated some DJs, but Wayne clarified himself, saying he was only singling out a few people who he claimed violated him and leaked his records. Obviously, the DJs are still on Weezy’s side: They’re playing records from Tha Carter III like their lives depended on it.

Well, Wayne’s mixtape hiatus is over, he told us personally during the VMAs.

Tha Carter IV is nice,” he said about his next in-store LP, “but you need to be looking for Dedication 3. Me and DJ Drama are going back at it. Gangsta Grillz. I’m showcasing my whole clique the Young Money family. And three months after that, I got 30 more songs, and we’re gonna give them away for free as I always do on my Web site.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re sorry to have kept you so hungry, but sometimes it’s better that way,” Drama wrote via e-mail, trumpeting the project in grand fashion. “This is not a mixtape, this is an event. Four brands promise to go down in history and combine again: Lil’ Wayne, DJ Drama, Gangsta Grillz, Dedication 3. Nuff said.”

Lil Wayne’s comeback to the circuit was fueled by the new talent he has under his wing.

“My artists,” he explained. “They need to be heard in a proper way. They all could have put out mixtapes, which they all have, but I know what it means when Wayne says, ‘I’m gonna put out a mixtape.’ I know how people perceive it and how people go for it. That’s what it’s for.” …

Source: MTV

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