Lil Wayne Punished For Using Music Equipment In Jail

Lil Wayne

NYDaily News reports Lil Wayne has been moved to solitary confinement as a punishment for getting caught with headphones and an MP3 player back in May, the punishment had effect now because the jail had to wait for a spot to open up.

He will be confined to a single cell for up to 23 hours a day until he is released from the Rikers Island (November 4), and will see his out-of-cell time restricted to visits, religious services, and a single hour of recreational time per day.

“He’s not in an area where he is mingling with other inmates – ever,” a Correction Department source said.

Even when he gets out of the isolation cell, he will still be seprated from all other inmates.

Also, he will now only get to make one personal phone call a week.

Well, what could he do, hun??? This Music game is addiction, especcially for someone like him, with all that loyal fans… FREE WEEZY!!! BS!!

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