Lil’ Wayne: Praises Cassie For “Official Girl”, Says She’s Sounding Like An Angel..

A million first-week sales, so what? The SoundScan showing for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III isn’t having any effect on his torrent of collaborations.

A T-Pain song called “Can’t Wait” and the David Banner record “Shawty Say” leaked last week. Both songs feature Weezy. You can expect a video to air soon featuring Wayne’s prettiest collaborator of late, Cassie, called “Official Girl.”

“That was perfect,” Weezy said of teaming with Cass. “She’s beautiful. Her voice, she’s sounding like an angel right now. So it was great.

I’m glad we got to do this. I’mma get a whole lot more female fans from this. My whole thing is, ‘Never say no.’ That easy. I do it.

Whoever that artist is, as far as they wanna push it on the song, we push it.”