Lil Wayne Plans To Retire After “Tha Carter V”

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On June 11, Lil Wayne made an appearance on the late night talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” While on the show, Wayne stated once again his plans of retirement.

“I want to retire after Tha Carter V, which I hope would be my last album,” Wayne said during interview.

Even though Wayne said he would retire after the release of “Tha Carter V, he was pretty clever by not given any specifics on when that album would be released.

“My next album isn’t Tha Carter V because I think I have to work on other albums with my pop Birdman and things like that. But, after Tha Carter V, I hope I can retire.”

Kimmel went on to ask him what he would do once he did in fact retire:

“Everything that I’ve never had a chance to do,” Wayne says. “Regular stuff. Drive your car down the street…Things like spend quality time with my kids.”

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