Lil Wayne Having A 5th Baby Mama?


Word is Lil Wayne is knocking up another woman in the short month since his release from the Rikers Island.

Allegedly, the latest addition to Wayne’s stable of baby mamas is a New Orleans chick that had some sort of relationship with the Young Money CEO prior to his eight–month prison stint for criminal possession of a weapon. According to Media Source:

“Media Source received an email and photo from an anonymous person claiming Lil Wayne is going to be a daddy again. The email says one of his girlfriends is claiming to be carrying his baby!”

If this rumor turns out to be real, then that will be the Young Money’s CEO fifth child.

Wayne’s other four kids are each with a different woman, including R&B singer Nivea and ATL actress and Model Lauren London.

Nothing is confirmed, so its should not be taken serious till time tells, it could be one of those fantasies people have about Celebreties, we who knows, stay tuned –

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