Lil’ Scrappy: Felt Disrespected By The Game For Dissing G-Unit In His Home Town..

Lil’ Scrappy

At this year\’s ATL Birthday Bash, more drama popped off than in any year in recent history. New reports allege that backstage, West Coast rapper The Game, and G-Unit Lil\' Scrappyaffiiliate Lil Scrappy, almost came to blows, as Lil Scrappy felt disrespected by The Game\’s set.

The Game spent his 15 minute set throwing shots at 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Olivia, and video girls Melyssa Ford & Gloria Velez. \”They can suck my dick,\” Game allegedly said, before switching to the Kanye West produced \”Wouldn\’t Get Far,\” off his latest album, The Doctor\’s Advocate.

While Game did not call out Scrappy personally, Scrappy was reportedly furious regardless, saying: \”I see you, nigga,\” to The Game and his posse when they ran across each other backstage. According to witnesses, they got into a shouting match with with each other, but no physical altercation went down.

\”The Game was onstage saying ‘G-Unot\’ and the crowd was saying it with him,\” said one witness. \”That is basically disrespecting Lil Scrappy in his own hometown.\”

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