Lil Kim To Be On Dr. Dre’s “Detox” Album


Lil’ Kim whips up her signature shake at West Hollywood’s Millions of Milkshakes on a sweltering summer day, which happened to be her birthday!

While speaking to HollywoodTV, Lil’ Kim stated that she’s going to be on Keri Hilson’s album and Dr. Dre’s Detox album.

“I’m doing a collaboration right now in the studio with Keri Hilson. I’m so excited! This is for her album though. So you might be hearing that song really soon. Shout out to Polow. I love you Polow. ‘Cause he did the track, Polow Da Don. I’m gonna be working with a lot of great people on my album. Timbaland is someone I’m really close with. I’m on Dr. Dre’s Detox album. I’m really excited about that one.” She said… (Props to TheUrbanDaily)

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